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If you need a reliable Greek to English and English to Greek translator, we are here to help you!

About Me

Hello there! My name is George Giannopoulos (Yiorgos Yiannopoulos). I am an American-born, Greek-raised accredited translator and I know firsthand what the language barrier can do to people on a personal and professional level.

After my studies in Greece and United States, I decided to help my fellow Greeks Americans and everyone else that needed my help with the languages, by providing accurate translation and Interpretation services.

My long experience in Greece has proven to be paramount for interpreting the right terms in the right context for any academic, medical, and judicial documents for my clients.

Translation is not an easy task. Due to the fact that many Greek and American words have multiple meanings, their translation and interpretation need to be taken very seriously and treated responsibly in order to provide the assurance that the documents will always reflect the context correctly to the target language. I do just that!

What We Do

Greek to English translations in Astoria NY. English to Greek translations done according to highest of standards.

We translate your documents from:

  • Greek to English
  • English to Greek

We have been providing professional, high-quality translation and interpretation services for over 15 years.

We also provide interpretation services for Power of Attorneys (POAs) by accompanying clients at the Greek Consulate General of Greece in NYC.

What We Do

We translate and interpret your documents from:

  • Greek to English and
  • English to Greek
  • We can arrange for a travel escort to support your business trip.
What Documents can you Translate?

We translate and interpret any documents such as birth certificates, college/university transcripts, also your passports, and immigration documents to name a few. Greek birth certificates, English birth certificates.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing varies on two things:

  • How many pages need to be translated or interpreted
  • How fast do you need the translation

We can work with you on the pricing. Feel free to contact me for a pricing request

How Does it work?

We have a simple process:

  1. We can speak on the phone to understand your request.
  2. We agree on cost and turnout time of the assignment.
  3. You submit payment prior to the start of the assignment.
  4. We translate your documents in the agreed upon time and then we either personally hand the original signed documents to you, or we send them to you through mail to your preferred address.

Translate Your Documents with us Today

Tell me as much information as possible about how I can help you. If you prefer to call you can call me on 718.607.0738. Or feel free to email me: or or complete the below form. I’ll reply within 24 hours. For urgent requests please call me.

We looking forward to serving you.

Thank you,